When you  have a party or weddingstop looking and find a specifically and exclusive look. You can be sure that you be admired! 

This beautiful and affordable creations give you a special look for special occasions or if you want to be admired. All these models are made ​​of beautiful materials like voile, lace and various types of silk.

Do you prefer certain colors and fabrics let us know and we will let you see the combination of substances.

Please note in order that delivery between 6-8 weeks long, depending on the material, model and availability.

Prices for a 'simple' kebaya start from USD $ 60, -- plus shipping. When ordering should be 50% down payment and shipping for the remainder.

More exclusive models? Look at the weddingkebaya, these are not only used for weddings and festive occasions!



 K 1 silk


K 2, silk








K 3, Pink Crystal, size S,M and L


K 4, Orange Gold, size S,M and L






K 5


K 6




 K 7













K 8, white Crystal, front, size S,M and L


K 8, back, white Crystal





sample of material


sample of materia


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