Made for Naomi from Silk and Batik 


The order of a Indonesian kebaya with unique combinations of fabrics, motifs, model and colors, make your wedding kebaya very exclusive,with a personal touch.

When a fabric is not available anymore, together we looked for your preferred color, design, materials as silk and (French) laces, to create your dream wedding kebaya. or other weddingdress. 

Please take a note, that colors always can be different from pictures and the origineal fabrics, because we all use different mobiles, laptops and computers with different color pixels and resolutions.

It's also possible a (color) combination to made for the groom, (grand) parents and bridemaids. 







Model 001, gold, purple and maroon


Model 001, gold, purple and maroon


Model 002, offwhite


Model 003, pink 









Model 004, gold,  brown and green


Model 005, offwhite, dark grey


Model 006, strapless offwhite silk and dark grey


Model 007, white and ice blue



Model 008, offwhite, gold and brown batik


Model 009, gold


Model 010, gold, chocolat and brown


Model 011, brown and blackish blue

















Model 012, Ferrari Red

Model 012, Ferrari Red


Model 013, couple off-white silk, off-white lace and gold. All color combinations possible 


Model 014, purple, maroon and gold  






Model 015, Gold, Maroon and brown

Model 016, Javanese combination


Model 017, leather shoes on measure  


 Model 018 Sundanese combination


























Model 019, orange and peace


Model 020, offwhite


Model 021, white and 022 brown and dark pink


Model 023, purple 










Model 024  gold and brown 


Model 025 en 026 silk 


Model 027, batik, lace and silk


Model 028, bride offwhite silk and light silver and groom offwhite silk 











Model  029,  black and white 


Model 030, gold silk


Model 031, white silk


Model 032  white  















Model 033, creme silk and grey 


Model 034, white silk and lace 


Model 035, Ferrari Red 


Model 036, offwhite, gold and brown batik 




Model 037, strapless with embrodery 


Model 037, kebaya front open, in combination of the strapless dress


 Model 038, silk bustier, silk skirt and batik 


 Model 039, silk, chiffon and batik



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